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At Embassy Design we are here to help.

Helping map, plan and navigate your design journey.

We provide innovative product development knowledge, skill and advice.

Our core strength is bringing a fresh pair of eyes and an unfettered open-mindedness about how product, services, procedures and human interaction with consumer and professional equipment can enhance the client’s business. Decades in the business does not hurt either.

At Embassy Design we are flexible to meet your needs. We can help with one specific part of your project or be by your side from start to finish. Our input can typically be for research, concept work, product styling through to mechanical engineering and production design.

We are here to help you realise your big adventure.

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Above all, I believe Michael is a ‘true’ designer, and believes in the power of good design and aesthetics. He’s quite happy to bin work and start again if it’s the direction the project needs to take. He’s always happy to grab a coffee and discuss interesting design challenges, so I thoroughly recommend you give him a call!

Richard Taylor

Owner, AstroTrac Ltd