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Embassy Design are specialists in Industrial Design. 




Providing unique and unexpected solutions. Answers, not problems.


Bringing it to life. Design identities combing marketing aspiration with engineering reality. Without losing the magic.


Knowing how to turn these elegant solutions of innovation and identity
into practical reality.




The starting point is user-focused. We add in a view on the commercial landscape, competition, price and volume.

The discovery process looks beyond the product and into research across relevant regulatory landscapes, rules and guidelines.


Here we ask what would be innovative, distinctive and unique.

We consider the uses cases. We look at the opportunity and imagine different potential futures for the product or service. We draw boundaries, both for what the product is, and what it is not.


In this phase, we consider what we have imagined and how it can be realised.

Development takes on our project objectives, manages the realities and creates a pathway for the product or service to be realised.


Here we ask the question; does the design meet the objectives? We assess how the design meets performance, regulatory and commercial targets.

A further aspect, which can be of huge importance, is not just if the solution is innovative but if it is also protectable.


Is what we have done fully understood and communicated? Or is there a need for support or to modify the design?

Feedback can inform further design development. We can support in providing information for related legal protection of the innovation.


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Michael is a brilliant designer, and has the experience necessary to make the right decisions early in the design stage. Very highly recommended, and a critical part of my product development team.
Ed Pennington-Ridge, Founder and Inventor; 'Elegant Design Solutions Ltd'

Industrial design with meaning. We provide our customers with practical choices and actions that can
implemented in their businesses.

Meet Michael

Michael Butler

Michael Butler

Design director

Michael lives in Bristol but is originally from Edinburgh.

After studying Industrial Design at the University of Teesside a short stint in the embryonic Soho CGI industry in the 80’s confirmed that Industrial Design was definitely the way to go.

Prior to working as a consultant, Michael worked for Procter & Gamble. This experience gave him a foundation in large scale, fast moving product development in an organisation renowned for its world class project management.

Michael spent time with P&G in Europe, the Far East and the US, during which time, he was involved with numerous brands including Max Factor, SK-II, Lenor and Jif. Then as Global Design Manager for Beauty Care with Olay, Sassoon and Old Spice within his remit.

The Millennium demanded a new challenge. And so, Michael began a new career on the other side of the table as a design consultant.

then Michael has delivered numerous and diverse projects in sectors that he would never have guessed. In the past 20 years, project experience has spanned, branded packaging, vacuum systems, semiconductor ‘fabs’, forensics, medical devices, composites, vehicles, photography, film & tv props and renewables.

Founding Embassy Design in 2003 was a logical progression of Michael’s industrial design career, rolling together both his corporate management experience with creative design and engineering. His vision for Embassy was an expert resource for clients to confidently realise their design adventures.

Recent career highlights have included a 1MW wind turbine for Nordic, VMD’s for West and CPAP machines for the NHS.


Just some of the project we have completed for our customers across industrial equipment, medical devices, clean tech and consumer products. 

Working with Embassy Design was exceptionally positive. Truly talented designer who are able to meld aesthetic form with functional design in a world class manner. A willingness to tackle difficult challenges with a strong work ethic.

Karl Davis

Managing Director, Empire Engineering

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 At Embassy Design we believe design is a journey. We are here to help navigate and interpret the challenges when they arise and we have the resources to help you find your destination successfully.

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