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Renewables Technology

AFFT 1.0

Renewables Technology.
Pre-production Recycling machine for Carbon Fibre, producing ready to reuse ‘Pre-Preg’ tape.

Full design of system, weighting, dosing, mixing, dispersion, laydown, drying, transfer, calendering and spooling-off.

Our approach

Start-up company with little experience of design for production.

Back-filled design and engineering capacity.
Rethought process and developed innovative solutions to all systems.
Brought a fresh pair of eyes. Help with staff training.

The result

Scale-up of lab proof of principle machine. Advised on process and ergonomics. Designed for ease of use, maintenance and manufacturing at scale.

Fully detailed for manufacturing.
Built and being commissioned.

  Proof of Scale up. Team confidence. Investor confidence. Release of next round investment. Huge industry interest.

Render of Hyper 01 | Embassy Design

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