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OS  [old spice]

 Consumer Products.

OS – Redesigning Old Spice 

Old Spice has been a lesson in “you can lead a horse to water…” 

Old Spice has had many excellent redesigns, of which this is just one possible future.

Management of brands requires  the bravery and leadership to risk it all.  OS has tested many management teams over the decades.


Our approach

Understood the context, and brand heritage.  Aging demographic, loosing share.

Generated themes that resonate with younger consumers.

Marketing plots generating positive outcomes. 

This is just a flavour of some of the many futures that Old Spice could have had.  We’ll bring more in future posts.



The result

The designers did an excellent job to rethink the brand but getting management to sign -off can be a up-hill struggle.

Ultimately, Old Spice has restaged it’s marketing message to appeal to a younger demographic but the imagery is still archaic. This has giving it an extended lease of life, incremental rather than step change as requested.

It really needs new imagery to breakout.

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